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Of Substance

UON’s Drug and Alchohol Counsellor, Lachlan Tiffen, has some advice to help you ‘drink smart not hard’.

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What is “Sustainability”, Anyway?

This article was submitted by Larissa Fedunik-Hofman, a PhD student in Chemistry.   There’s no denying that ‘sustainability’ is one of the hottest terms of the 21st century. Although there’s no clear consensus its definition, the majority of  interpretations...

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Tales of a PhD: From Orientation to Graduation

By Dr Chloe Warren.   Welcome to the University of Newcastle So you’ve decided to enrol in a PhD. Go you! What an excellent life choice. Think of all the mysteries you will unravel! The contributions to the vast sea of human knowledge! What an honour. Nay – a...

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From the President’s Desk: May

James Pinkerton, President of NUPSA, gives his monthly update.   Hi all. This year is moving extremely fast, which from a thesis writing perspective is slightly scary. As I write this article, I am getting ready to submit the first draft of my thesis to my...

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Externalizers vs Internalizers – Which Are You?

This article was submitted by Winifred Asare-Doku, a PhD student in Psychiatry.   Julian Rotter propounded the Social Behavior Learning Theory in psychology, and his central ‘locus of control’ concept is concerned with how we tend to assign causation for the...

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Being Honest About Mental Health

This article was submitted by NUPSA's Research Representative, Ashleigh McIntyre, as part of UON's Mental Health Day.   One of the most important things regarding mental health, for me, has always been about being open and honest about your experiences and being...

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How to be an Organised Postgraduate

Viktoria Rother is an online student completing a Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability. This article was originally published in our newsletter on March 10, 2017; the full title was 'On University Studies, or, How to be an Organised Postgraduate: A...

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O-Week bonanza!

This week was O-Week, or 'student Christmas', as it's often known - a time for giving presents, being merry, and eating so much free food you have to let your belt out. And all of us here at NUPSA were busier than Santa's elves, filling our SSAF-funded sleigh with...

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Welcome to 2017!

Welcome back! Hopefully you're all refreshed and revitalised after the holiday season, and ready for the next leg of your postgraduate journey! Or perhaps a little less enthused. Either way, NUPSA is up and running for 2017, and ready to defend and support you at...

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2016 ANZSSA and ISANA Conferences

No rest for the wicked! Just a few hours after our annual dinner, NUPSA's trio of delegates - President Andi Deane, Vice President James Pinkerton and myself - were off to Sydney and then on a plane to New Zealand, in advance of the 2016 ANZSSA and ISANA conferences...

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2016 Annual Dinner

On Friday, December 2nd, NUPSA held its 20th Annual Dinner! This year's event was held at Customs House. The food was amazing, the company more so, and the night ended with a bang - we brought in a DJ, and guests were able to show off some dance moves as epic as their...

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Pop and Lock!

Yesterday, for our penultimate session of The Space for 2016, we hosted one of our wildest and most enjoyable activities so far. Nazzy Rad, representing Sincity Prettyboyz and the Newcastle Hip Hop Society (NHHS), came along to teach students some hip hop moves;...

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Upcoming events

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Mon 26

Weekly Yoga

June 26 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Tue 27

HDR Skills Training

June 27 @ 9:00 am - June 29 @ 5:00 pm
Wed 28

Sahaja Yoga Meditation

June 28 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Thu 29

Writing Bootcamp (Ourimbah)

June 29 @ 9:00 am - June 30 @ 3:00 pm
Thu 29