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Blog: How to be an Organised Postgraduate

Viktoria Rother is an online student completing a Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability. This article was originally published in our newsletter on March 10, 2017; the full title was 'On University Studies, or, How to be an Organised Postgraduate: A...

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O-Week bonanza!

This week was O-Week, or 'student Christmas', as it's often known - a time for giving presents, being merry, and eating so much free food you have to let your belt out. And all of us here at NUPSA were busier than Santa's elves, filling our SSAF-funded sleigh with...

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Welcome to 2017!

Welcome back! Hopefully you're all refreshed and revitalised after the holiday season, and ready for the next leg of your postgraduate journey! Or perhaps a little less enthused. Either way, NUPSA is up and running for 2017, and ready to defend and support you at...

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2016 ANZSSA and ISANA Conferences

No rest for the wicked! Just a few hours after our annual dinner, NUPSA's trio of delegates - President Andi Deane, Vice President James Pinkerton and myself - were off to Sydney and then on a plane to New Zealand, in advance of the 2016 ANZSSA and ISANA conferences...

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2016 Annual Dinner

On Friday, December 2nd, NUPSA held its 20th Annual Dinner! This year's event was held at Customs House. The food was amazing, the company more so, and the night ended with a bang - we brought in a DJ, and guests were able to show off some dance moves as epic as their...

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Pop and Lock!

Yesterday, for our penultimate session of The Space for 2016, we hosted one of our wildest and most enjoyable activities so far. Nazzy Rad, representing Sincity Prettyboyz and the Newcastle Hip Hop Society (NHHS), came along to teach students some hip hop moves;...

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Blog: Going Home

Hi everyone. This month's newsletter will be out shortly, but I thought I'd post one of the articles on here in advance, since it may be useful to many of the international postgraduates among you. As we approach the end of the year, some of you who've come here from...

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Free Thai Lunch!

If you saw a whirlwind of student activity at the Auchmuty Courtyard last Thursday at noon, here was its epicentre: a delectable feast of Thai dishes, sponsored by several local restaurants and presented by a dedicated group of Thai students, in honour of His Majesty...

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Website Launched!

Yesterday, we finally launched our new website! And in the spirit of the student lifestyle, we did it with free food. And when that ran out, more free food. Thank you to everyone who came along and made the event such a huge success. This website is something we've...

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Introducing Writing Circles

Whether you're a Coursework or an HDR student, postgraduate study demands a certain proficiency in academic writing. There's a fine art to writing clearly, succinctly and persuasively in an academic style that even native English speakers can take years to master;...

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How to Vote

As you may know, NUPSA is currently in the middle of its General Election, through which all the members of next year's Executive are decided. If you're a postgraduate student, you should have received an email from the University with instructions on how to cast your...

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Annual Dinner Tickets and Awards

As we approach the end of the year, so too do we approach NUPSA's Annual Dinner. Lock it into your calendar, folks: Friday, December 2nd, 6.00pm. This year's dinner is quite special; it's our 20th, and we've organised a particularly sumptuous three-course meal at...

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