As a postgraduate student, your time at the University of Newcastle should encompass far more than just research, assignments, exams or writing your thesis. You should enjoy your time here! Attending social events, making new friends, taking a break from your studies and – yes – having fun are all part of a healthy work/life balance.

Student clubs and societies are a great way to relax and meet new people. Some are based on a particular activity (such as dancing, bushwalking or yoga), while others are designed to support students in a particular school (such as Architecture or Nursing) or bring together students from a particular community or region (such as the Chinese Students and Scholars Association).

NUPSA supports postgraduate clubs and societies in a number of ways: we promote their events, help them find venues across campus, and even fund event-related expenses such as equipment, travel and food/drink (apart from alcohol).

To see a list of postgraduate student clubs currently affiliated with us, check out our Directory of clubs. And if you’re interesting in starting a club yourself, see Starting a club.


Clubs and Societies
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