There are already numerous postgraduate student clubs and societies that you can join at the University of Newcastle – below is a directory of those that have affiliated with NUPSA. If you’d like to join a club, contact the convener via email. And remember, if you have an idea for a club that’s not listed here, why not start your own! You’ll find all the instructions on our Starting a Club page.

African Postgraduate Students Association (APSA)

The principal function of our club is to create a platform for postgraduate students to network and discuss research, global perspectives and policy initiatives with a bearing on the African continent and the African Diaspora.

Contact Details:

Convener: Deside Chibwe Email:

Architecture Postgraduate Social Club

The principal function of our club is to host events and exhibitions that showcase the projects completed in the Masters of Architecture degree at the University of Newcastle.

Contact Details:

Convener: Ashley Menegon E-mail:

Big Ideas Club

The Big Ideas Club is a club of ambitious and entrepreneurial PhD candidates that focuses on discussing creative, visionary, and potentially world-changing ideas. Visionaries can present Big Ideas (which do not have to be feasible in the near future), and presentations will be followed by a discussion and debate with the attending members. Furthermore, the Big Ideas Club is a place where candidates from different disciplines can meet, network, and discuss ideas not necessarily related to their research topics.

Contact Details:

Convener: Rutger De Zoete Email:

Chinese Students and Scholars Association

The principal functions of CSSA include:

  • Organising social events for Chinese students to celebrate traditional Chinese festivals and special days.
  • Providing assistance to Chinese students in terms of study and living
  • Providing free online platforms (QQ, Weichat, Weibo) to facilitate communication and information exchange among students
  • Assisting Chinese students upon graduation, to register in Chinese Consulate in Sydney etc..
Contact Details:

President: Wei Li E-mail:

Creative Arts RHD Reading & Social Club

The principal function of this club is to fill the need for communication and connection between the Creative Arts student cohort and the broader Arts and Education Faculty. The events of this club will be a space for propose journal readings, discuss and chance to get to know each other in a student-organised informal setting.

Contact Details:

Convener: Amelia Besseny E-mail:

Happy Feet Club

The principal function of our club is dancing for fun (ladies only). The intention is just to get our mind off other things and feel free, away from all the pressure. Dancing is the coolest hobby and fun exercise, plus it boosts confidence and is a great way to socialise.

Contact Details:

Convener: Homa Edalatifard E-mail:

HDR Coffee Club, UON Central Coast

As the postgraduate cohorts on the Central Coast tend to be small and isolated, this club is motivated by the need to bring together students from the different faculties on campus. It is a meeting place for PhD and research masters students to chat about the travails, pitfalls and joys of the HDR experience. While its purpose is to act as social support network, it has great potential, including acting as a reading or collaborative research group. The HDR Coffee Club is growing. Currently, we have an active membership from FSCIT and FEDUA, although information about the club has been distributed to all campus faculties. Our affiliated Facebook group has over 30 members and we have received coverage in the NUPSA and Yourimbah newsletters. Already, the club is being used by academic and professional staff as a contact point for engaging with the campus’ HDR community. The club has also been raised positively in the most recent HASS Research Committee meeting and has featured in the postgraduate report to the HASS Board. Members gather every Thursday at 10am during semester @ The Millery, one of the major cafés on campus.

Contact Details:

Co-Convener: Michael Kilmister E-mail: Phone: 4349 4808 Co-Convener: Meg Vertigan E-mail:

Nigerian Students Association

The Nigerian Students Association is a club formed by collective international students from Nigeria. Their aim is to bring together students (domestic and international) to share views and participate in creative projects, with the aim of promoting the cultural heritage of Africa and the rest of the world.

Contact Details:

Convener: Maty Adelekan Email:

Ourimbah RHD Club

The principal functions of our club are:

  • To create a friendly atmosphere in the department, amongst the researchers
  • Facilitate the social activities inside and outside the campus
  • To encourage students towards the quality research
  • To conduct research seminar (by inviting experts from other organisations)
  • Encourage students to suggest, organise and participate in new activities
Contact Details:

Convener: Rahul Thakur Email:

PPIA (Indonesian Students Association in the University of Newcastle) Postgraduate Social Club

The principal function of our club is support Indonesian socio-cultural heritage, promote friendship through social functions such as welcoming new students, farewell of graduated students, seminars, and sport

Contact Details:

President: Florensia Theogracia E-mail:

Proteomics Journal Club

The principal function of our club is to provide a platform where scientists, both related to proteomics and outside this exciting field, can come together to critically discuss recently published papers. This club will help to drive forward proteomic work here at the University of Newcastle and keep our labs up-to-date with the latest techniques and advances in the proteomic world. It will also help bring labs together and encourage more collaborations across the faculties and schools.

Contact Details:

Convener: David Skerrett-Byrne E-mail:

Public Health Social Club

The principal function of our club is to provide a platform to allow Research students of Public Health to connect socially on a regular basis. This group also aims to improve the voice of research students within the Faculty of Medicine and Public Health and improve knowledge sharing among the global public health research community studying in the University of Newcastle.

Contact Details:

Convener: Lubna Abdul Razak E-mail:

Research Roundup

This is a group to create the opportunity for HDRs to hear from academics within HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences), and other schools and universities, about their current research. Regular meetings will invite conversation about academic interests and what synergies might exist between research groups.

Contact Details:

Convener: Dianne Rayson E-mail:

Research Students of Nursing and Midwifery aka PONDeR

The principal function of our club is to provide a setting or platform to allow research students of nursing and midwifery to catch up and connect socially on a monthly basis over a lunchtime meal. Students are also encouraged to discuss their research and any issue they may have. This group aims to improve the voice of research students within the school of nursing and midwifery and improve collaboration with academic members of staff.

Contact Details:

Convener: Mieko Omura E-mail:

Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Sahaja Yoga is a meditation practice whereby individuals attain and sustain a state of ‘thoughtless awareness’. In this dynamic state we are no longer bound by thoughts of the past or future, and find that the qualities of the present moment are of peace and joy. The club invites anyone interested in finding out more to come along to a regular session – all are welcome.

Contact Details:


Vietnamese RHD Student Support Group

The principal function of our club is to build a strong and effective research community. The groups supports its members as they negotiate their doctoral studies in a foreign language and culture. Importantly, as a community of researchers, it facilitates the building of collaborative networks here and elsewhere that in future aim to contribute to the establishment of a vibrant research community in Vietnam, with close ongoing links to the University of Newcastle. In their bi-weekly meeting, members share their knowledge and experiences in negotiating the institutional and pragmatic challenges of doctoral studies.

Contact Details:

President: Thi Lan Huong Lam E-mail:

Yoga Club

The principal function of our club is to encourage and provide postgraduate students to join a weekly exercise class at lower cost while studying on campus, for who to keep a balanced life style and uphold a good wellbeing.

Contact Details:

President: Esmaeel Bayat E-mail:

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