Equity Representative

The Equity Representative is the voice of postgraduate students from equity groups. These include female-identifying students (especially those in non-traditional areas of study), students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds, students from rural and isolated areas, students with disabilities, and students from non-English speaking backgrounds.

The Equity Representative advises the President and other Executive members in areas of advocacy that affect students from equity groups. He/she also assists and supports students with questions and concerns related to equity and diversity, and – if no International Representative sits on the Executive – assists with grievances raised by international students in relation to equity and diversity.

Amber Sauni

I’m a PhD (Architecture) student who was born and raised in a tiny town in North-West NSW cotton country, though I’ve been living in Newcastle long enough to consider myself a Novocastrian. In 2015, I graduated from UON’s undergrad Industrial Design program and I’m now a practicing designer and 2nd year PhD candidate. My research involves looking at how design and information-sharing platforms can be used to improve life for marginalised persons.

I’ve previously worked for an array of different not-for-profits, for causes which range from environmental to humanitarian. I was also on staff at NUSA for a couple of years. I’ve got all kinds of relevant life experience, and I’m one of those people who care about stuff. Like, a lot. I’m excited to be back in a role where I can advocate and assist, so please get in touch if you have an equity issue!

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Equity Representative - Marina Ilicic
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