GLBTI Representative

The GLBTI Representative provides a GLBTI student perspective to the NUPSA Executive. They are the voice of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex postgraduate students at the University, and advise the President and other Executive members in areas of advocacy that affect them. The GLBTI Representative also liaises with relevant student groups, the ALLY Network and key stakeholders throughout the University, and assists and supports students experiencing issues with sexuality or gender.

Barrie Shannon

I am a PhD candidate in Sociology and Anthropology in the School of Humanities and Social Science. My research focuses on transgender and gender diverse youth and their experiences of sex education at school. If all things go to plan, I should have a draft of my thesis finished by the end of 2018. I have published a number of peer-reviewed journal articles on my PhD research, and I have presented at national conferences. I am also a sessional staff member, teaching core sociology courses.

Throughout my involvement in NUPSA, I have worked with University staff and other student organisations to advocate for issues that are important to LGBTIQ+ students. I also have a key role to play in Pride Week, the University’s annual celebration of queer culture and community. If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or issues that you would like to raise, I am happy to provide assistance and advice where I can!

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GLBTI Representative - Barrie Shannon
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