Handouts & Infokits

On this page, you’ll find all sorts of handouts, leaflets, supplements and infokits from our workshops and events, as well as resources made available through other teams at the university (such as Careers, the Counselling Service and the Centre for Teaching and Learning). Whether you study on-campus or online, you’ll find information here that will undoubtedly assist you.

UON Student Sustainable Cookbook 2017

This free cookbook contains a host of simple, quick, inexpensive, healthy and (most importantly) delicious recipes, submitted by students as part of a university-wide competition held in 2016.

It also contains numerous tips on how to stock your fridge and pantry, source fruit and vegetables in season, substitute ingredients and make healthier meal choices in your daily life.

If you’re a time-poor and money-poor student (and who among us isn’t?), the UON Student Sustainable Cookbook is essential reading.

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Infokit: starting your own writing circle

Writing circles are a brilliant way to connect with other students, get feedback on your writing and improve your critical eye for typos and grammatical errors. Whether you’re a coursework or research student, your academic English writing skills will be crucial to your success.

The following documents will give you advice on running writing circles in-person, but they’re just as helpful if you intend to run a circle online! And don’t forget – NUPSA has plenty of ways to help you promote your group and find a suitable venue.


Peer Writing Groups: a Guide

This guide, produced by the Centre for Teaching and Learning, will give you an excellent overview of how to facilitate your own writing group.

Writing Circle Weekly Calendar (sample)

A template to help you set up a weekly roster of who in your group is presenting their work.

Feedback Request Cover Sheet (sample)

A handy cover sheet for anyone in your group to fill out when they share their writing. This will help other members of the circle to give more relevant feedback.

Writing Circle Email (sample)

Communicating with your writing circle each week via email is important. Here are two sample emails to show you what to include.

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