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The International Representative is the voice of all international postgraduate students at the University, advocating on their behalf and advising the President and other Executive members in areas of advocacy that affect them. He/she attends international student orientation sessions, as well as social events and programs designed to assist international students (such as The Space and The Network).

The International Representative also assists and supports international students with specific questions and concerns, and works with international postgraduate clubs and societies if needed.

Anish Saini

Hello, my name is Anish Saini. I am an international student from India and have come to Newcastle to pursue my PhD in Environmental Remediation. I completed my Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in India, and carried out my internship for my Master’s degree at NUS Singapore.

I have previously represented my class and house (in school) and been their voice to interact with the university/staff board. The exposure I received by carrying out my research in Singapore helped me understand how an international student faces varying problems and how they can cope with them. Before coming to Newcastle, I worked as Operations Manager for an international airline operating in India. That not only taught me how to manage and work efficiently with a team, but also how to interact with customers with differing backgrounds and mother tongues.

I am really happy to be elected as your International Representative here at NUPSA. Being an international postgraduate student myself, I understand the major problems we face. I also know from experience that most of us are so engrossed in our degrees that we do not voice our problems to the same degree as undergraduate students do. I would love to hear about any problems (big or small) that you face at the university, and I will do my best to help you with them.

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International Representative - Anish Saini
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