Satellite Representative

The Satellite Representative advocates on behalf of UON postgraduate students located at campuses other than Callaghan. This includes Newcastle City, Ourimbah, Sydney and Port Macquarie, as well as online students. He/she advises the President and other Executive members in areas of advocacy that affect satellite students, and helps communicate with students at satellite locations.


Position Aims

  • Provide satellite student perspectives to the Executive Committee.
  • Liaise between satellite students and NUPSA.
  • Advocate on behalf of satellite students.
  • Be a focal point for satellite postgraduate students.
  • Represent NUPSA and its decisions positively.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Liaise with the President and other Executive members regarding matters specifically related to postgraduate students located on campuses other than Callaghan.
  • Communicate and liaise with students at satellite campuses.
  • Seek solutions to specific problems related to candidature conducted primarily at satellite locations, after consultation with the President and/or other Executive members.
  • Actively participate in NUPSA programs, events and activities.
  • Provide a monthly report to the NUPSA Executive Committee.

This position on the Executive is currently vacant.

To apply, download and complete the Executive Nomination Form. You’ll need two UON postgraduate students to endorse your nomination.

Return the completed form to, along with a brief overview of your background and your reasons for applying for the role, to help the Executive make its decision.

NB: Nominees should be based primarily at a satellite campus of UON (ie. a campus other than Callaghan, such as Sydney campus or Central Coast campus).

Satellite Representative
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