Starting a club

If you’d like to start your own club, the first thing to do is ask around. Check with other students and see if there’s interest in your idea, or whether a similar club exists. (Check out our Directory of clubs for a list of those affiliated with NUPSA.)

It doesn’t matter if it’s a departmental journal club, still life drawing, bush walking, horror movies, dancing, yoga or learning a language – if you have an original idea and at least ten postgraduate members, you can apply for affiliation.

Why affiliate?

Affiliation is absolutely free! Once your request is approved, you’ll gain our support and a host of benefits, including:

  • Access to SSAF funding for your club’s meetings and events.
  • Promotion through NUPSA’s website, monthly newsletter, social media and Blackboard portal.
  • Free access to a number of venues across all campuses.
  • Formal Corporate Governance Training.
  • Support in planning meetings and events.


How do I affiliate?

  1. First, prepare a letter and send it to, requesting to affiliate your club with us. Your letter should include your contact details, the name of the club and a brief description of its purpose and activities. These will be posted in our Directory of clubs to advertise your club to other students.
  2. Provide us with a list of your club’s members. Include each member’s name, student number, Faculty of study and signature. Remember – anyone can join your club, but there should be at least ten postgraduate members.
  3. Your club’s request for affiliation will be reviewed by the Executive at their next meeting (usually at the end of the month). Once it has been approved, congratulations! You’re affiliated!
  4. If you’d like to apply for funding for an event, the final step is to open a bank account in your club’s name – this is where we’ll transfer funds as they’re approved.
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