On Friday, December 2nd, NUPSA held its 20th Annual Dinner!

This year’s event was held at Customs House. The food was amazing, the company more so, and the night ended with a bang – we brought in a DJ, and guests were able to show off some dance moves as epic as their research portfolios.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended, and congratulations to all those who received awards from their faculty.

We especially congratulate the winners of this year’s Supervisor of the Year award (SOYA), Helper of the Year award (HOYA) and Online Teacher of the Year award (OTOYA). These winners were nominated by postgraduate students for their incredible ongoing commitment; they went above and beyond the expectations of their roles to help these students achieve success in their studies.

For those who couldn’t make it on the evening, here they are!

  • 2016 Supervisor of the Year: Dr Lesley MacDonald-Wicks, Nutrition and Dietetics
    Nominated by Jacklyn Jackson
  • 2016 Helper of the Year: Ruth Talbot-Stokes, Senior Research Librarian
    Nominated by Di Rayson
  • 2016 Online Teacher of the Year: Dr Jean Harkins, Linguistics
    Nominated by Alessandra Rossi

Congratulations again! 2016 has been a terrific year for NUPSA and postgraduate students – here’s to next year!

Photos of the dinner (and some crazy dancing) below.


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