This piece was submitted anonymously by a student. ‘An appreciation letter to this guy who made me feel something, that I have difficulty even putting into words.’

You came just in time when I was picking myself up from a great heartache.

Your first message was not the typical, “Hi, hello,” but a, “Would you rather kiss a stranger or someone you hate?” I really don’t entertain strangers but with your message, it intrigued me, and you got me replying to your question and we started talking. I even asked you a question that some may find ridiculous, but you answered it in an impressive way. We exchanged enthralling and thought-provoking questions – I liked the way your mind worked, and I loved how you made me express my thoughts. Made me feel I was a person worth listening to.

You cooked for me on our first date – first date! – and we just talked. A lot. Our conversations were different. It was smart; it was never about other people or ourselves but all about ideas, how we see and perceive the world. On how we both agree that there is life in space, and that we are just specks in this universe that only need to love and be compassionate, no matter what and how the situation is.

You watched documentary films that sometimes interested me, but most of the time bored me – yet you didn’t judge me, or make me feel like I was dumb. You valued individuality and you appreciated how care-free I was. Even when I made you do things you’d never done, you didn’t complain.

You were a planner and I was a spontaneous type, but you appreciated everything I wanted to do because you trusted me and you knew it would be fun. Whenever we travelled, we asked and answered questions about anything and everything. And it was fascinating how you thought, and how you made me think.

You liked listening to me to the point that whenever I was quiet, you wondered what was thinking. You encouraged me to do and wear whatever I wanted. We experimented and tried different foods, and we both loved anything sweet. You told me I had gained weight since we start seeing each other, and you admitted you’d put on weight too. You just associated it to us being happy, and it’s true – we were happy together.

When you woke up to work, you just randomly told me that you’d work from home because you didn’t want to leave me alone. No matter how much of a workaholic you were, you always put my happiness first. Our last days were challenging; we had little fights, but you always went back to me with a smile on your face like nothing had happened. I remember you writing a review for a restaurant that asked me to leave, and saying, “I don’t want anyone to hurt you.” You even told me that I annoyed you so much that it was making you want to leave, but you never did, because, “I don’t want to do that to you.”

You never ignored me. You always asked if I was fine before you answered people calling out to you, and you always said sorry if you were on the phone when I was around. You would send me funny memes because you knew that I would like it. As much as I want to move on, I want to keep most of these memories with me. To make it my very own happy place, so that – when things go bad – I can always go back to the memory of you.

71 days were never enough, but I can only be thankful of what was given to me. You were my best Australia experience, though it was one of the shortest. But I can’t complain; I can only appreciate meeting you and getting to know you. I am so thankful to have had you, even for a short time. I will always remember you. I will always go back to a dream turned reality by you. I will always bear in mind that, “Love is the greatest when you learn to let go.”

I miss you every day. Thinking about you makes me sad, but never hurts – because you will always be the best I ever had.

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