Keighley Bradford is a Masters student in the School of Creative Industries, and NUPSA’s Communications Officer.


Some of you have recently graduated, others are nearing the end, and then there’s a few of you like myself who are somewhere in the middle. As postgrad students, we’re all here for different reasons – be it to strive academically, move ahead with our career aspirations, or even just for the love of learning. Since this month’s theme just happens to be ‘dreams’, I figured I’d take a look at some of the UON resources available to help you achieve yours.

First things first: check out the resources offered by your pals at NUPSA! All postgrads studying at UON are automatically a member of the Newcastle University Postgraduate Student Association. That keyword postgraduate means that NUPSA is your advocate for postgrad rights; they will always have your best interests at heart. In addition to support and advocacy, NUPSA offers academic and skills-based workshops, as well as social and networking events. (Ever missed a workshop that you really wanted to attend? Just head on over to the Online Workshops page and watch the recording anytime, anywhere!)

Plus, if you explore the NUPSA website you’ll find heaps of help resources, such as a student guide and even handouts and info kits on topics like job applications, managing procrastination, 3TM (three minute thesis) training, and communication skills and employability.

UON also offers a vast range of services to all students on campus and online. For those academically driven, support services include (but are not limited to) consultations, academic skill-based workshops and study resources. Most of these services are available online, with additional ‘study @ home’ resources available for extra learning support. If you prefer to study on campus, then why not book out a study room to help you focus? UON libraries offer designated study rooms for postgrads (individual and group rooms available at Auchmuty, Huxley and Ourimbah) and family spaces for parents and carers with kids (available at Auchmuty and Ourimbah).

For those who are career driven, your best UON service is CareerHub. CareerHub offers job opportunities to current students and graduates alike (including jobs that cannot be found on other job searching sites). In addition, CareerHub provides you access to career-related events, resources, and industry news. They also offer online services such as a resume reviewer, and have consultations and appointments available in areas such as career counselling and mock interviews. The list of services is endless, and you can access them all via the CareerHub link in MyUON.

Another opportunity for you to achieve your dreams could be by getting involved with clubs on campus – depending on your goals, that is. Club culture is a part of student life, and for those students who have the spare time to mingle, getting involved is worth it. I say this from experience, as someone who’s been a part of the UON Clubs & Societies community for a few years now in the roles of member, executive and founder.

Getting involved in the clubs scene is an opportunity for you to network and grow your industry connections, and in some instances, up-skill through workshops and other events. If the club is career-related, you could even list the membership on your resume. If you’re wanting to improve your leaderships skills and knowledge, you could talk to the executive committee or club convenor about what volunteer opportunities are available or may soon become available.

One of the perks of being a postgrad student is that you can not only join any of the clubs on campus, but also any of the postgrad-centric clubs affiliated with NUPSA. To get involved with a club, it’s generally best to send an email or direct message to their social media page, and for NUPSA-affiliated clubs, to contact the club’s convener. And for those of you who don’t see a club on campus that’s right for you, you can start your own if you want to!

Whatever your endgame is, know that there are resources and people available in this part of your journey to help you make those dreams come true.

To end on an inspirational note from Richard Thorpe, NUPSA’s Satellite Representative:

“Commit daily to achieve your goals no matter what, but focus on process goals instead of outcome goals. Measure effort, not results. Effort is in your control, results are not.”


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