As we approach the end of the year, so too do we approach NUPSA’s Annual Dinner. Lock it into your calendar, folks: Friday, December 2nd, 6.00pm. This year’s dinner is quite special; it’s our 20th, and we’ve organised a particularly sumptuous three-course meal at Customs House for the occasion.

Tickets are still available! They’re $45.00 each for students and $75.00 for non-students, since the event is partially SSAF-funded. The Annual Dinner is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of postgraduate students such as yourself, and to thank everyone who has contributed to NUPSA’s workshops, events, advocacy and support services, so get yourself a ticket (and some for your friends!), come along and see out the end of the year in style.

If you’re after tickets, email us at



All the faculties reserve tables at our Annual Dinner, and throughout the night, plenty of awards are presented to students. We, on the other hand, present a series of awards from students – the Supervisor of the Year Award (SOYA), Teacher of the Year Award (TOYA), Online Teacher of the Year Award (OTOYA) and Helper of the Year Award (HOYA).

These awards are your chance to show your gratitude to that special supervisor, teacher or helper that has gone above and beyond this year to assist you, guide you and support you in your studies. Is your RHD supervisor a superhero? Does your Coursework teacher make you want to stand up on your desk and shout, ‘Oh captain, my captain!’ Is there a librarian, learning advisor, resident mentor or on-campus barista whose support/coffee has kept you going throughout your degree? Nominate them!

Again, email us at if you’d like a SOYA, TOYA, OTOYA or HOYA nomination form. (Only online students can nominate someone for Online Teacher of the Year, of course.) Fill in your details and theirs, and tell us all the amazing things they do to inspire you. If they win, they’ll receive a free ticket to the dinner and a moment of glory when we present their award – and you’ll receive a free ticket as well, for being such an awesome human being.

Tickets are limited, though, and nominations close on November 4. So get to it, possums!


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