This poem was submitted by Andrei Pomana, a PhD candidate in the School of Architecture.


WAR! Is a state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups within a country

I have a right to live. I have a voice to speak. I have a card to play. I have a will to live. Cats have nine lives… I’ll probably have to earn mine once more.

Be a good student. Be a good friend. Be a good lover. Be a good Christian. Be a good man. Be ready to fight this war.

WAR! Who the fuck cares about art? I can paint better than Pollack. I can sing better than Simone. I can write better than Nabokov. I can build better than Wright. I can shoot better than Scorsese. I can dance better than Plisetskaya. My whole existence is a piece of art.

Find yourself a date. Find yourself a job. Find yourself a family, friend, faith, fantasy, philosophy. Find yourself not giving a fuck. Find yourself in a constant state of war.

WAR! Keep your reputation. Keep a positive attitude. Keep your shoulders straight. Keep your mouth shot!

Existentialist, objectivist, narcissist, pianist, bicyclist. My convictions are weapons and I’m ready to start a war.

WAR! Marxism, feminism, MGTOW, terrorism, white supremacy, China, toxic habits, toxic masculinity, toxic people, toxic environment. My car is too pink to manspread in. My thoughts are too dark to survive in

Getting stopped by police… “Have you had a drink tonight, sir”, “Fuck yeah, sir”, “How much did you drink tonight, sir?” … “Not nearly enough to end this war”.

WAR! My daily schedule looks more like a battlefront and I keep losing the war.

WAR! My mom expects me to call her more. My supervisor expects me to write more. My doctor expects me to exercise more. My girlfriend expects me to fuck her more… I expect me to die more.

Bumble has a new feature that lets talk about war.

WAR! What about marriage? I’d fuck his wife… I’m so badass, I’d even fuck my own wife. Aren’t you afraid of war?

WAR! Too fat, too little, too slow, too short, too late…

I choose to be wrong. I choose to be disliked. I choose to be ugly. I choose to be involved. I choose to be interesting Slavoj Zizek



– Andrei Pomana

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