This article was submitted by Florensia Theograsia, a PhD student studying Theology. Thanks Florensia!


Unlike the other places in the world, festive spirit in Australia at the end of the year is full of summer spirit! Does anyone else need to get used to this summer breeze to enjoy this December holiday season? Where is the snow? We have sandy beaches here. Where  are the snowmen? Umm… in Australia, we do not go out to play with the snow at Christmas time. We go out for BBQs and fun!


We had a great time at Mereweather Beach at the Beach Safety Session this November! It’s just one of the many beautiful beaches conveniently close to the city.


I personally enjoy making plans for the holiday before it arrives. You may have one full month off from work, but if you don’t have any plans and nothing fun to do in those time off, it is not holiday! So, let us start grabbing a writing pad and sketch a to-do-list.

Newcastle is actually a fun place to spend a holiday. With the sun shines brightly and warm, beaches are the number one option to be enjoyed for the holiday. I like to go to the beach for a swim (of course) even though it is better to swim in Merewether Ocean Baths, where I can swim peacefully without the giant waves that sometimes surprise me.

You can also surf, sun bathe, play volley ball or net ball (or any sport that suit you), or simply play with the wind. Yes, play with the wind! Enjoy the sand with your bare feet, and fly some kites. I would also like to try the paragliding, or wind surfing. Beach holidays can also be enjoyed at Nelson Bay, which is just a one-hour-drive from Newcastle.

I would like to do some bush walking or hiking too maybe at Mount Tomaree as it is rewarding once you reach the top of the mountain. However, considering the heat of Australia’s summer, I think I would prefer to postpone the idea until Autumn when the cool breeze eases in.


There are heaps of yummy cakes to try at Eurobar on Beaumont St. (credit Anita Jones, Newcastle Herald)


Then, what should I try? I am thinking of culinary trip. Who doesn’t like food? I am an adventurer. It is worth taking a holiday just to have some food adventures. Am I right? There are a lot of places out there (outside your work, your Uni, your suburb) where only God knows how good the food might be. I love hot chips from Queens Wharf, and Red Velvet from Euro Bar. They are my favorites. I would also recommend trying the best at Table 1 Espresso.

Go out, have some adventures, and eat! You can explore different cultures through food. You can even make friends through food (yes, I swear!). Don’t food and holiday sound like a good match? Luciano Pavarotti once said, “One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating”.

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