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Philosophy Workshop: Artificial Semiosis

August 13 @ 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Can software think? Would it like yellow? Can morals be programmed? Would an artificial lobster be stupid?

Drawing on software development, evolutionary biology, thermodynamics, romantic literature, neurology, psychology, semiotics and philosophy, Dr Bill Pascoe attempts a full account of how and why artificial intelligence, learning, cognition, sentience and free will are possible.


The word ‘philosophy’ comes from ancient Greek and means ‘love of wisdom.’ With philosophy, we can better understand how we came to be where we are today, both personally and as a society, and with that understanding, to perceive what we should do about it and how. Understanding philosophical topics like logic, ethics and deconstruction can help you understand and solve complex problems in life and at work.

This is the final session in our philosophy workshop series, and we’ve saved the best for last. Artificial intelligence represents one of the most significant scientific endeavours of the 21st century, and will have an enormous impact on the future of humanity. A discussion of whether true artificial sentience is achievable, and if so, what ethical questions it poses, should be both fascinating and instructive. So come along and join us!

Previous course content available here: http://hri.newcastle.edu.au/phil/

Dr Bill Pascoe is a former student and life long reader of philosophy and literature, and a software developer, now specialising in Digital Humanities.

The Callaghan workshop and online webinar for each topic are identical. To access the content and participate in the discussion, you are welcome to attend either!




August 13
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
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The Clubhouse
Underneath Bar on the Hill
Callaghan Campus, NSW 2308 Australia


(02) 4921 8894

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