NUPSA President, Ash McIntyre, brings you up to date with everything we’ve been doing this past month.


Greetings postgrads!

Welcome to April (now there’s something I didn’t think I’d be saying so soon!). As per usual, NUPSA has been busily plotting away at numerous events, activities and ideas to help support and connect postgrad students.

Despite torrential rain, Harmony Day went off with some fantastic activities, musical performances and dancers. During Sexual Health Awareness Week, we partnered with NUSA and Student Central to run sex trivia at the Clarendon and a film screening at NeW Space, and our Equity Representative, Amber Sauni, ran a ‘love bugs’ STI quiz at the sexpo.

And we held our first family film night! Last Tuesday evening, we served popcorn, lollies and pizza to the tune of the Disney movie Tangled. It was wonderful to meet a new cohort of postgrads and their beautiful families, and we hope to run more events like this in the future.

We also ran a collaborative workshop with the Dean of Students and the Office of Student Advocacy on general advocacy skills, where participants learnt about developing the skills and qualities of an advocate, how to advocate for yourself and others, and some of the services provided by the Office of Student Advocacy.


The Dean of Students, Dr Jennifer Allen, leads our workshop on student advocacy.


We have another busy month planned for you guys, with tons of opportunities to meet other postgrad students. Hugh is working with the Graduate Gamers Club to host a Mario Kart tournament on April 16 (he tells me he has already developed a strict daily regimen of pizza and video games, ‘to prepare his mind and body for combat’), and for those less technologically inclined, we are running a board games/card games afternoon on April 17 where you can revive your inner nerd and get back to basics.

On April 11, our International Rep is running a new and improved Arabic culture workshop, where you will learn about the rich and diverse cultures of the Arabic world. And then there are our regular events: Shut Up and Write sessions at Callaghan, Ourimbah and online; Wii Wars at HMRI; and now… MONTHLY TRIVIA NIGHTS AT NEW SPACE!! That’s right folks, another chance to release your inner nerd (set her free!!!), win some prizes and eat pizza (more pizza!!!). Check out this month’s Behind the Scenes to see how it all goes down before you gather your troops and register.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to make my usual plea: if there is any workshop, social event or other support that you would like to see from NUPSA, please drop into our office or send us an email and let us know! Our funding comes entirely from a portion of your SSAF fees, and so the more feedback we get from you, the more we can tailor our services to suit your needs, and spend your money how you’d like it to be spent.

On that note, I wish you all a productive, exciting and invigorating month. I’ll see you around campus or on our social media!


Ash McIntyre
NUPSA President


Big kids and little kids at our family film screening of ‘Tangled’.

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