NUPSA President, Ash McIntyre, brings you up to date with everything we’ve been doing this past month.


Another month has flown by, and it is honestly becoming disturbing to watch the year go by so quickly! It has, however, been a rather good month for us, and I hope that you will start to reap the rewards of NUPSA’s progress soon as well!

As our media-savvy and loyal subscribers may already be aware, NUPSA has hired a new Student Representative Support Officer! Georgia has settled in like a… professional settling-type thing, and with the office full and semester two fast approaching, NUPSA has been brainstorming some exciting events and workshops to round off the rest of the year.

This month, NUPSA put out a statement in response to a recent armed robbery at Callaghan campus. It is paramount that students feel safe and secure at UON, and as this is the second such attack this year, I want to assure you that NUPSA will not remain silent. If anyone has concerns about their safety and security on campus, please speak up and let us know.

You’ll find contact numbers for campus security and emergency services on the UON website, here. You can also find information related to security on campus in NUPSA’s student guide.

I’d also like to remind you all that the SSAF Survey is now open. This is one of the most important opportunities we have as a student body to determine how our money is spent. Your SSAF payments are divided between a number of campus initiatives and services (including student advocacy), and that process is influenced by the results of this survey. It is so important that we get a strong postgraduate response, as we have different priorities to the undergraduate cohort in regard to University services and campus initiatives. So look for the SSAF Survey email in your inbox (or log onto UON Online and look for it there), take five minutes to complete it, and have a say about how your fees are spent!

In lighter news, we celebrated Geek Pride Day in style – first with a screening of Hitckhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, where an impressive number of attendees brought their towels (I know mine was a handy napkin, and then a blanket when the room got a little chilly), then with our Geek Pride-themed trivia night at NeW Space, where we debuted our first NUPSA original mini-game: Chewbaraoke. Students were able to bring out their inner geek and have some fun.


Our three Wookie finalists at Chewbaraoke (trivia night at NeW Space, May 29).


Following Geek Pride Day was Stress Less week, which saw our very first Yoga Nidra workshop. I must recommend this to anybody who has a spare forty-five minutes. I left the Clubhouse feeling refreshed, relaxed, and so aware. Walking back to the NUPSA office I COULD HEAR ALL OF THE SOUNDS. For those of you interested in giving it a go, we will be running these sessions every Monday for the next few weeks (12pm) in the Clubhouse at Bar on the Hill. The session is also available on our website for those not able to get to Callaghan campus.

I highly recommend giving it a shot – it is an ancient practice that can improve focus, inspire creativity and promote better sleep patterns, which are all important ingredients for postgrad studies!!

NUPSA is also excited to announce that we will be interviewing in the coming weeks for our new Student Communications Officer role. We will announce the successful applicant in the next month’s newsletter!

Last, but certainly not least, I have written a piece on the upcoming NOWSA Conference being hosted at UON. This is such an exciting opportunity for all our postgraduate students (especially female-identifying students) to engage with other researchers, students and academics on a variety of issues that impact their studies, including studying with children, self-care and gender bias in early career research. For more information, check out the article!

NUPSA is hosting a postgraduate dinner aimed at celebrating all of our female-identifying postgrad students as part of the NOWSA conference. All are welcome, so keep your eyes peeled for more information on that as the time draws nearer.

Have another wonderful month, my friends! Hopefully we’ll see you at our next trivia night, boot camp, Yoga Nidra session or other such festivities this month!


Ash McIntyre
NUPSA President

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