NUPSA President Ash McIntyre takes you through our initiatives this month (and that time she was bitten by a camel).


Hello all! Another month passes us by, and what a productive month it was!

We were able to run our visa workshop for international students, our TEDxSydney 2019 live stream, a careers workshop series, and Georgia brought the beautiful Bob in for Mental Health Day. The stand-out, however, was our NUPSA Annual General Meeting, where our in-principle motion in support of the student representative restructure passed with flying colours! I’d like to thank each and every student who came along or watched online – it means so much to see students taking an interest in broader student affairs and making sure their voice is heard.

As the process continues, a website dedicated to communicating its progress and asking for feedback will go live, and I hope you all take the chance to look at it and provide your ideas. It may feel like the restructure does not affect you, but whatever happens will define the way student voice is represented on campus for the foreseeable future. This student voice informs and contributes to many decisions that happen behind the scenes, so I hope you take the chance to shape it in a way that reflects your voice!

Inspired by Mental Health Day, and the ever-relevant and hilarious Parks and Recreation, this month’s theme is ‘Treat Yo’self!’ I, for example am treating myself to some online shopping, and a brief trip to Canada. Okay, so Canada is for a conference, and I had an absolutely insane few days leading up to it and thought all my hair would fall out, but hey, TREAT YO’SELF! So take this as an opportunity to think of something nice to do for yourself.

A girl who works in my office treats herself to something lovely each time she finishes a thesis chapter. This gives her something to look forward to on the days the words don’t really come out as she wants them too. I think this is a wonderful way to reward your own hard work, and to ensure you are treating yourself to something nice. It is important to have some you-time.

There you go, you all have a mission this weekend! Treat yourselves to something nice – even if it’s something simple, like making a big mug of hot chocolate and getting all curled up to watch a good movie, guilt free!

I’m off to pack my bags and pick a fun book for the plane that’s not thesis-related. See you!


Ash McIntyre
NUPSA President

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