GLBTI Representative

The GLBTI Representative provides a GLBTI student perspective to the NUPSA Executive. They are the voice of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex postgraduate students at the University, and advise the President and other Executive members in areas of advocacy that affect them.

The GLBTI Representative also liaises with relevant student groups, the ALLY Network and key stakeholders throughout the University, and assists and supports students experiencing issues with sexuality or gender.

Ivy Scurr

I am a PhD candidate in Sociology & Anthropology, and my research looks at the phenomenon of Solarpunk and the ways that people engage with hopeful visions of the future in tension with pessimistic expectations informed by the climate crisis.

I currently work as a research assistant and casual tutor in the School of Humanities and Social Science. I completed my Bachelor of Social Science (Sociology & Anthropology) and Social Science Honours at the University of Newcastle.

I have been involved with the University of Newcastle on and off for more than a decade, including a number of years heavily involved with NUSA (the undergrad student association). Over the last four years I have been particularly involved with the NUSA queer, women’s, and enviro collectives, sharpening my passion for engaging with social and environmental issues.

I hope to continue my activist efforts through my role as NUPSA GLBTI Representative and advocate for the queer/LGBTQIA+ community at the University of Newcastle. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will help however I can!

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GLBTI Representative - Barrie Shannon
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