As you may know, NUPSA is currently in the middle of its General Election, through which all the members of next year’s Executive are decided. If you’re a postgraduate student, you should have received an email from the University with instructions on how to cast your vote.

Voting is important; as we often say, NUPSA is your voice, your student association, and this election is a chance for you to directly influence its future leadership and direction. To that end, the University has implemented an online voting system this year, designed to make the process more accessible to online and satellite students, or anyone who cannot easily get to Callaghan to cast their vote in person. With distance no longer an obstacle to voting, we hope you’ll take a few minutes between now and November 4 (when voting closes) to log on, look at the candidates and cast your vote.

We know that some of you have experienced technical difficulties with the online voting system, so here are some (illustrated!) instructions to make the process a little easier.


How to access voting for the NUPSA General Election

  1. Log into Blackboard using your Student ID and password (
  2. Once logged in, check out ‘My Surveys’ on your Blackboard homepage. This box shows all surveys which you are eligible to complete.
  3. To vote in the NUPSA Elections, select the ‘Click Here’ link next to:
    • Election of One Postgraduate Research Student to the NUPSA Executive (Research Representative) for 2017
    • Election of One Postgraduate Student to the NUPSA Executive (International Representative) for 2017

(Click to enlarge)


Happy voting!

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