This article was submitted by Wilca Mae S. Abejuela, a Masters student in Human Resource Management.


Childhood is the time in my life that I want to repeat all over again. It’s the stage where smiles are true, and love is pure. Where we practice equality and see all good things in others. It is the time when everything is appreciated, and your individuality is not compared to others. When insecurities don’t exist, and everything can be healed with tickles and hugs.

The best childhood memory I have is of the absence of gadgets and technology. In the country and province where I lived, we spent our afternoons being with our best friends and talking about anything under the sun: about school, movies, shoes and basically about life. It was a place where we could tell each other our dreams, desires and ambitions without being judged or laughed at. It was a playground where dreams were big, and potentials were seen. We could be anything we wanted to be with a little help from our imagination and encouragement from our friends. You could be a princess or act as your favourite singer or actress, and friends and family would be truly supportive.

Childhood is the perfect time to be clumsy and get bruises but still be able to stand up and learn from the process of healing. It’s the perfect time to experience butterflies in our stomach when making eye contact with a petty crush. It’s the time when diaries are companions and every moment of waking up is valued and treasured and written down to be remembered.

Childhood is the nearest thing to heaven we can experience here on Earth. It is a time when happiness is real and cheap too. When ice cream can heal a broken heart and jokes can stop depression. It is also the time that we are reminded it is okay to be vulnerable, because we always have mommy, and daddy will always be there to the rescue and give the best comfort we need.

Then at a span of time… life happens, and it’s time to become adults. Everything becomes hard because responsibilities come in and make life complicated. Bills, work and struggles exist and are constantly reminding us that there is more to the world than ourselves. Relationships hurt, parents age and sacrifices need to be made. Compared to all the complications and experiences of being adults, being a kid is simply easier and more fun. If only one day I could be given a chance to do my childhood again, I would really escape reality and press replay over and over again.


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