International Representative

The International Representative is the voice of all international postgraduate students at the University, advocating on their behalf and advising the President and other Executive members in areas of advocacy that effect them. They attend international student orientation sessions, as well as social events and programs designed to assist international students.

The International Representative also supports international students with specific questions and concerns, and works with international postgraduate clubs and societies if needed.

Shumaila Khurshid

My name is Shumaila Khurshid. I am from Pakistan. I am an HDR student in the Faculty of Education and Arts. I am also a volunteer for the University of Newcastle Islamic Society (UNIS) and Creative Manager for the Student Association of Pakistan (SAP). My PhD is focused on emotional and learning experiences of international doctoral students.

My personal experience as well as my involvement with international student activities has taught me that being an international student is a multifaceted experience. I believe the transitional process from one country to another is not always easy for everyone. It is accompanied by many challenges, such as academic problems, cultural shock and homesickness, which can prove as substantial constraints to international students.

My vision is to make the transition process smooth for international students from all backgrounds. I am keen to provide cross-cultural sharing opportunities and promote harmony among students. I strongly believe that some of the recurrent challenges faced by international students can be tackled through the assistance of fellow students and having their voice heard.

I want to be your voice, and welcome you to share your ideas and concerns with me, because together we can make a difference. With NUPSA, I will focus on providing you with the skills of learning at university, seminars on how to cope with cultural shocks, socialisation opportunities to combat isolation and other beneficial events for personal development.

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International Representative - Anish Saini
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