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Temporary visa holders in Australia need to face a harsh reality that there is no longer a clear pathway to permanent residence.

There was a massive 95% reduction in the number of invitations for the 189 and 491 Skilled Visas in April 2020 as compared with March 2020.

What was the main reason for this change in government action?

Recent Australia Bureau of Statistics data suggests that 800,000 jobs were lost as Australia increased its COVID-19 restrictions.

The Grattan Institute estimates the number of Australians out of work could reach between 17% and 28%.

The skilled visa invitation data in April 2020 clearly shows that the Australian government has moved quickly to preserve jobs for Australian workers.


  • Only 100 invitations were issued in April 2020 (compared to 2,050 in March 2020)
  • The minimum Points Test score required was 95
  • More than 50% needed a Points Test score of 100The below graphs provide further information.