Every year, positions on the NUPSA Executive Committee re-open so that new students can nominate themselves for the roles. But what does the Exec do? And what is a “Nupsa” anyway? All these questions, and more – are about to be answered…


ONNAA (Oh No, Not Another Acronym!)

NUSPA stands for the Newcastle University Postgraduate Students’ Association. We aim to advance the interests of all postgraduate students who study at the University of Newcastle, regardless of their location or mode of study.


What do we actually do?

In a nutshell, NUPSA ensures that the concerns of postgraduate students are being addressed by the University, as well as local, state and federal governments.

NUPSA achieves this by providing:

  • Support and advice for postgraduate students
  • Representation on a number of University committees, working parties and sub-committees.
  • Advocacy efforts through peak bodies such as Universities Australia, CAPA, CISA etc.
  • Events such as seminars, workshops and social functions



Who’s in charge?

NUPSA is run by an Executive, a group of student representatives that meet regularly to discuss issues that affect postgraduate students at UON. Each representative has a particular area of responsibility. For example, our International Representative assists and advocates for all international postgraduates.

The role of the NUPSA Executive as a whole is:

  • To provide a strategic direction for NUPSA
  • To provide a voice for postgraduate students at UON
  • To act as a focal point for all postgraduate students at UON
  • To advocate on behalf of postgraduate students
  • To provide oversight on how SSAF funds are spent
  • To contribute to the student experience


Sign me up!

All currently enrolled postgraduate students at UON are automatically members of NUPSA. And membership is completely free. Hooray!



Make An Executive Decision

All NUPSA members are eligible to nominate for a role on the NUSPA Executive. If you’re passionate about defending the rights of your peers, and would like to take an active role in developing programs to help the postgraduate community, becoming an Executive member is something you should consider.

Find out which role you’re most suited for by clicking through the links below…




Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Representative

Coursework Representative

Equity Representative

GLBTI Representative 

International Representative

Research Representative

Satellite Representative 


Extra Perks

Being an NUPSA Executive member not only allows you to expand your network, it is also teaches you skills which are invaluable in the workforce, such as:

  • team work;
  • negotiation;
  • leadership;
  • organisation;
  • financial management; and
  • committee processes.

You’ll also have opportunities for training in areas such as governance, cultural competency, the ALLY network, first aid, and mental health first aid.


The Nominees Are…

Nominations for the 2018 Executive team are now open (as of 3 October 2017), and they close on 19 October 2017.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please do contact us or drop in for a chat! To nominate for a position, click through the specific links below and you’ll be directed to the appropriate paperwork. Go GO!


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