The year is almost over, and what a year it’s been for NUPSA and postgrad students at UON. Last Friday evening, during our annual dinner, President James Pinkerton spoke about some of our biggest achievements – and included some interesting facts and figures from 2017.

This year, for example, we ran 150 workshops and social events, attended by 2,335 students in total. We gave out 250 coffee cups, 300 notebooks, 200 flash drives, 251 torch/bottle openers, and a truckload of free pens.

We screened 19 movies (the most popular was Spirited Away), and between these and our Wii Wars events, students ate 240 pizzas. (Don’t worry – some of them were vegetarian, and kinda healthy.) And using online coupons, we saved you $1,012!

7 new student clubs affiliated with us this year, and 15 students submitted articles for our newsletter. Our Facebook page Likes rose by 33% – have you Liked us yet? – and we received more than 800 student feedback forms at our workshops and events!

We resuscitated 9 First Aid training dummies, and 0 staff members.

And during Sexual Health Awareness Week, we were able to fit 22 oranges into a condom before it broke. Good to know, right?

We’ve put some of these statistics into a handy infographic for you below. Thanks for helping us make 2017 such a fantastic year; hopefully 2018 will be packed with even more!


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