If you weren’t aware, NUPSA is both funded and governed by postgrad students such as yourselves. Our Executive committee is comprised of elected students in a diverse set of roles – Research Rep, International Rep, Equity Rep, LGBTI Rep, and so on – that meet regularly to discuss student issues and make important decisions on your behalf.

Yesterday, nominations opened for our general election; the time has come to select the members of next year’s Executive, and we strongly encourage any of you with an interest in student advocacy to apply.

Being a NUPSA Executive member is a great way to gain leadership experience, meet new people and learn more about governance and advocacy. It’s also an opportunity to help improve the university experience of both you and your peers. (And it looks great on a resumé!)

If you’d like to know more, check out the Our Executive page on our website. Look through the profiles and descriptions for each role – and if any of them interest you, download a nomination form, fill it out and submit it to elections@newcastle.edu.au.




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