The nominations are in, and now voting for our 2019 Executive committee has commenced! We’ve mentioned this a fair bit recently, but once again: NUPSA is your association, your voice, and its representatives are your representatives at a university, state and national level. These are the people who will determine how your SSAF funds are spent, what issues we pursue and what events and initiatives we run next year, so who you vote for matters.

Two positions are currently contested, those of President (2 nominees) and International Representative (4 nominees). You’ll have recently been sent an email from; make sure it hasn’t found its way into your junk mail, and click the link inside to go to the elections page and vote.

For each position, you’ll see statements from the nominees, to give you some idea of who and what you’ll be voting for. Your vote is entirely confidential. Just make sure you do it before 5pm on Tuesday, November 13, when voting closes.

The future is yours, postgrads. Take it.

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