This week was O-Week, or ‘student Christmas’, as it’s often known – a time for giving presents, being merry, and eating so much free food you have to let your belt out. And all of us here at NUPSA were busier than Santa’s elves, filling our SSAF-funded sleigh with chic, ultra-modern and uber-fashionable merchandise for you all.

We even put a professional photo shoot together, with highly attractive and professional models. Check it.



On Monday, we travelled down to Ourimbah campus to get things moving. It was a beautiful day out on the main quad, and there were plenty of attractions – free food, a v-drumming DJ, bubble soccer, a huge man-operated Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton and masquerade costumes made from vintage lampshades.

There were even ducks wandering about the cafeteria! Unfortunately, they got into the coconut bliss balls, threw a sugar fit and start harassing patrons, and had to be escorted off the premises by staff.




Ducks. Typical.

From Tuesday to Thursday, we set up our stall in the Brennan Room at Callaghan campus. You’ve all been good boys and girls this year, and NUPSanta had plenty of presents to give away: pens, notebooks, satchels, coffee mugs, flashlights, cookbooks and USB drives. We even dug some old merchandise from last year out of the vault in time for Throwback Thursday.

We were absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of postgrads that came over to say hi and learn more about us – well over three hundred students during the expo. Thanks for your support, everyone!

Wednesday was our big activity day. We ran our traditional orientation pancake breakfast at the Godfrey Tanner Bar, followed by a bus trip to Blackbutt Reserve, where there was plenty of sunshine, selfies and sleepy animals. A big thank you to Anish Saini and Faria Quoreshi, our International Rep and Coursework Rep, for chaperoning the trip!



And finally, we ended our O-Week activities on Thursday afternoon in The Space, with an orientation workshop for postgrads: ‘Your Support Services at UON’. Presenters from half a dozen student service teams all introduced themselves and spoke about the ways they can help you during your studies – it was a great opportunity to answer your questions and familiarise you with all the resources you have available as a postgraduate student at UON.

Thank you to our presenters, and to everyone who attended. We intend to run events such as this quite regularly this year, so that – regardless of when you arrive on campus – you have a chance to get all the information you need.


So that’s it for O-Week, folks! Semester One is in full swing – let’s make it a winner!


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