This poem, from the series ‘Fauna Reflections’, was first published by Nepheronia Jumalon Ogburnin 2019 as part of her first book of poetry, Natural Insights.


Once I lived in a colourful garden happily flitting by
Born by nature as a simple yet high-flying butterfly
With the love and affection of friends and family
I was content to explore my rare habitat joyfully.

My dreams gradually altered when Fate played a hand
And I encountered a stranger flying from another land
He beckoned me into a world with a new challenge
It was impressive, so down I flew into the garden of change.

My new life began as a see-saw equally going up and down
In time, it spun as a tidal wave where one can easily drown
I became a bird in a gilded cage ready to please one and all
Unknown to anyone, I silently struggled to find my lost soul.

Days flew by, I patiently waited and hid a burdened heart
Smiling on the outside but deep inside I was ripped apart
Wondering how, when or if I can still change my destiny
My dull, pained eyes spoke torment under close scrutiny.

In the lonely nights, I let flood of tears pour silently
And prayed hard that the darkness passes away
Yet, when the door suddenly opened and walls crumbled
I was immobilised and in the blinding light, I stumbled.

Confusion, anger, shame and hurt crippled my wings to take flight
Leaving me cocooned in the past, wishing I can survive my plight.
With care of kind spirits, I found meaning and strength to go on
Forgiveness is the key and love is the transport to moving on.

Now, I have come back full circle to the field I once played
Admiring the beauty of the garden where dreams were made
Family and friends blissfully expanded their projects and clan
In the brilliance of the night, I realised how I skipped the fun.

But hope revives and dreams survive while the heart is alive
I have solved my puzzle and mended broken pieces of my life
To the next generation I can only share my lesson
Never forsake who you are for whatever reason.

One may give unconditionally but always with tender care
For love is never meant to overpower or strip anyone bare
It gives space and wings to carry one in a journey to paradise
Take heed, Youth, for time flies and soon it’s your turn to rise.

Be a butterfly and let your heart power your flight
Listen to the gentle whisper of angels in the night
Let no one spirit your dreams away with an enticing spree
Be yourself always, stay strong and you’ll be forever free…


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