Project Officer

The Project Officer is responsible for NUPSA’s frontline services: our workshops, social events, website, newsletter, social media platforms and Blackboard portal. Through consultation with the Executive, he/she makes creative and logistical decisions regarding each of our projects, and makes the necessary arrangements to ensure that each is run successfully.

The Project Officer works with stakeholders both within and outside the University to organise workshops and events, and also attends them in person, connecting with students to promote NUPSA’s services and gather feedback for future initiatives.

Hugh Milligan

Hi! I’m Hugh Milligan, NUPSA’s Project Officer. I’m not a postgraduate student like our Executive members, but I’m an alumni of the University of Newcastle; I have a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English and Ancient History.

As Project Officer, I organise and facilitate all the academic workshops, training sessions, social events and (most importantly) free lunches we run throughout the year. Whatever’s on, chances are you’ll see me there – come over and say hi! And if you have any thoughts on how we could assist you better, or potential events you’d like us to run in future, please let me know.

Outside of work, I’m currently writing a science fiction novel; I’m about 200,000 words into my draft. I can tell you from experience that Shut Up and Write! sessions are enormously useful in keeping you productive – and we run them weekly at Callaghan campus, so if your thesis or upcoming assignment seems like an unassailable mountain, check out the calendar and book yourself in.

I’m also a huge gamer, so – unsurprisingly – I love the Wii Wars sessions we host each month. And at midday, you’ll probably find me hunting for Pokémon around campus on my lunch break.

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Project Officer - Hugh Milligan
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