Research Representative

The Research Representative is the voice of all Higher Degree Research (HDR) students at the University, advocating on their behalf and advising the President and other Executive members in areas of advocacy that affect them. They communicate with the Office of Graduate Research on matters related to HDR students, and monitor issues throughout Australian universities or the community which may affect HDR students.

The Research Representative, in collaboration with the Satellite Representative, also assists and supports students enrolled externally in Higher Degree Research.

Igbayemi D. Akeremale

I’m happy to come on board as your Research Representative for 2018. I’m also delighted to tell you that I will work together with the 2018 executive to promote the overall objectives of the Association. Having occupied similar positions in the past, both in academia and industry, I am keen to bring these skills to bear with my HDR colleagues.

I have a strong will to work closely with NUPSA, not just to make the most of my leadership experience, but to also learn from my colleagues with the aim of applying our shared experiences in my future endeavours.

My goals this year are to create a mentoring support system for HDR students (peer-to-peer or academic-to-students), and to push for interdisciplinary research experience across all fronts. I will also consider how to create an atmosphere for active student participation in HDR seminars, webinars and workshops, while we focus specifically on literature review, research methodology, and ethics.

It is to be noted that, however good and achievable the set goals may appear, they may not see the light of the day without your support. I therefore use this medium to implore every HDR student to join in the effort towards achieving these goals. I also want to add that my ears shall be opened to your questions and suggestions at all times. Ask me questions about anything you wish to be educated on and I will be happy to provide you with the necessary attention.

It is not just political and vocational experience I’m looking to gain through my time in Newcastle. My PhD study centres on the “supply chain management for prefabricated housing construction in Nigeria”.

Together, we shall keep NUPSA great and make it greater.

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