How To: Start a Club

1 – What’s your jam?

Whether you love classical music, bushwalking, horror movies or Pokémon Go, there are bound to be other students that share your passion! The first thing to do is ask around and gauge interest in your idea. Check our Directory of Clubs to see if you can join forces with an existing group.


2 – Gather the troops

Anyone can join your club but you’ll need 10 UON postgraduate students to make your club official. You’ll also need to nominate a Club President to act as the main point of contact. Write up a description of your club’s purpose and activities, and think about what events you could run during the year.


3 – Affiliate with NUPSA

NUPSA affiliated clubs receive a host of benefits, including:

  • Access to SSAF funding for equipment, travel, food and (non-alcoholic) drinks
  • Event promotion through NUPSA’s website, monthly newsletter and social pages
  • Free access to a number of venues across all UON campuses
  • Admin support in planning meetings and events

And affiliation is absolutely free! Download the Clubs Starter Pack to sign up your members and formalise your club.


4 – Apply for funding

Clubs can receive up to $750 in SSAF funding per year. If you’d like to apply for funds you’ll need to open a bank account in your club’s name. There are Commonwealth and Newcastle Permanent branches on campus at Callaghan that can assist.

Before funding can be approved, your Club President and Treasurer must complete Generation Governance, a free online governance training course.

Work out your budget for the year and fill in the Club Funding Request Form.


5 – Go Clubbing!

Once affiliated, all that’s left to do is host your meeting/event/party/shindig and let the good times roll!


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