Student Communications Officer

The Student Communications Officer contributes monthly articles to NUPSA’s newsletter, which is distributed to all onshore postgraduate students at the University of Newcastle.

They follow current issues affecting postgraduate students at a local, national or international level, and report on these to keep students up-to-date.

Sarah James

Hey! My name is Sarah and I’m the Student Communications Officer for NUPSA. I will let you in on a sneaky secret though…I’m not actually a postgraduate student (shhh don’t tell Ash). Although in my defence, I am currently in my fourth year at UON, with another two and a half years still to go. So while the Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of Laws (Honours) is technically an undergraduate degree, but the time I graduate I will be declaring myself an honorary postgraduate student.

As the Student Communication Officer, my role is to keep you in the know about news affecting postgraduate students. You can read all about it in the monthly NUPSA newsletter. Be warned, though: I have a tendency of writing, ‘I will not be lectured on misogyny by this man,’ at every opportunity (love your work, Jules).

If you have a story you think needs investigating or an issue which needs discussing, make sure to drop NUPSA an email! While I do like giving my opinion on just about everything, yours is what truly matters, and I want to hear from you. Together we can spin a yarn even the Honey Badger couldn’t rival.

In my spare time outside of university (which seems non-existent most of the time), you can usually find me planning imaginary holidays with imaginary money. I also have a tendency to get overly invested in reality television programs, including but not limited to: The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, The Bachelor in Paradise, The Bachelor in Hell, Love Island, etc.

Dad joke: What do Oscar the Grouch and I have in common? We both love trash.

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