Student Communications Officer

The Student Communications Officer contributes monthly articles to NUPSA’s newsletter, which is distributed to all onshore postgraduate students at the University of Newcastle.

They follow current issues affecting postgraduate students at a local, national or international level, and report on these to keep students up-to-date.

Larissa Fedunik

I’m Larissa Fedunik, the new NUPSA Student Communications Officer. I’m in the final year of my Chemistry PhD and I mainly work at NIER (on the Shortland side of Callaghan campus), as well as at the CSIRO in Mayfield. My thesis focuses on developing new energy storage materials for solar thermal electricity and I’m completing it by publication – the past year has been an ongoing process of write, revise, resubmit and repeat. Outside of uni, you can usually find me at yoga, brunch or the beach.

I grew up in Brisbane and completed my Bachelor of Engineering/Arts at the University of Queensland before moving to Newcastle in 2015. I’ve had a few career twists, but I’m currently working part-time for a small publisher producing STEM content and establishing a career as a science journalist. I love it because I can indulge my two passions: learning about new science breakthroughs and writing.

I’m excited to take on a role at NUPSA, where I’ll be writing a monthly newsletter article and alerting you to upcoming events at the Uni of Newcastle and the broader Newcastle community. Please feel free to hit me up with feedback, suggestions and contributions for upcoming newsletters!

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