Here at NUPSA, we receive all kinds of queries from postgraduate students. How do I set up a Gmail account? When do yoga sessions run on campus? Why do all the rooms and corridors in the Hunter Building randomly rearrange themselves every time I enter?

Wherever possible, we will answer these in the relevant sections of our student guide, and add to them over time. But the really popular queries (we weren’t kidding about the yoga one) will appear here, in our FAQs. If you’re looking for information that’s a little out of the box, this is a good place to start.

Where and when do yoga sessions run on campus?


Yoga is easily the most common request we receive each day, and at any given time throughout the year, there are bound to be sessions running somewhere. When we organise our own yoga sessions, these are advertised in our events calendar, so it’s helpful to keep an eye on it.

Otherwise, we have two affiliated student clubs that offer various yogic practices. The Yoga Club runs programs each semester that you can register for ($70 for 12 sessions), and the Sahaja Yoga Club offers free weekly sessions on Wednesday afternoons; their practice is less about stretches and poses and more about meditation and quiet awareness.

You’ll find both these clubs in our Club Directory, along with the contact details of their conveners. Send them an email if you’d like more information, or to sign up.

There’s a workshop I’d like to attend, but I’m not available that day! Is there another way I can access the content?


In many cases, yes! This year, we’re working hard to deliver all the workshops we organise as both on-campus sessions and online webinars, to ensure that all students (including off-campus and satellite students) are able to access them.

Whenever we run online webinars, we record them – unless the content is in some way sensitive or personal – and upload the videos to the Online Workshops page on our website, where you can download them any time (along with the slides!) and watch them at your leisure.

Scroll to the bottom, click the category you’re after, and voilà! There are just a handful in each category at the moment, but we’re always adding more; keep checking back over time.

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