By Nepheronia Jumalon Ogburn.


It is weeks since my encounter along the shore
With a woman everyone say is crazy for sure.
I was again snowed under by work in every direction
Almost like the woman trapped in her guilty conviction.
I spent nights wondering how to give her motivation
Unless I ease my own load and let her see the connection.


One bright day, I jumped in the car and headed for the beach
Resolute in my stand not to let the woman preach.
So when we met, I stood my ground
And prepared for a firm verbal round.


Perchance, I asked, “Friend, how did you come here today?”
She replied, “In that big white car parked in the bay.”
I noted, “It is grand and you have the strength to drive by
Let’s have fun and enjoy the sun and beautiful sky!”


The woman protested with all her might
To convince me of her futile fight.
But I have long learned that people who truly feel no hope
Will not walk nor talk openly, and instead cut life’s rope.
So, we watched the pristine sea and glistening sand
To absorb nature’s healing, which is what we really want.


Finally, I said, “My friend, take my hand for you are not alone
In your journey to a new horizon.
Banish your dark thoughts and bury the madness away
In the endless beauty that encompasses the bay.


Into your darkness, please share my light
As friends did for years in my plight.
In sharing we multiply many fold
The warmth that a single candle can hold.


Do you really want to lose this precious moment
To think of mistakes from the past and lament?
Walk with me in hope and enjoy the sun
For the day has only just begun…

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