This poem was submitted by Suman Lahiry, a PhD Candidate in Community Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology.


I see!

My body is the central issue of your debate!!

A brood on the genesis

It seems my physique has collapsed all your time and space

Taken up all your senses

As a revenge, you call me – “it”!

And, tip poison in my coffee – everyday?!

Smeared by your sour dampness,

I enjoy your abuse

Enjoy your assault

And wear that clutter as conceit

Hello, dear seedy idiocy of life

Hello, my beloved society

By misspelling my name

You do insult the whole Universe

Like God, I am nonbinary

Like Cosmos, I’m transgender

I have right to love

I have right to hate

I declare my body–

A luminous manifestation of my soul


And FYI:

Your transphobia, your hatred, your abhorrence

Unites us in a rainbow – a spectral of love.


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