Welcome back! Hopefully you’re all refreshed and revitalised after the holiday season, and ready for the next leg of your postgraduate journey!

Or perhaps a little less enthused. Either way, NUPSA is up and running for 2017, and ready to defend and support you at every turn.

Our office reopened this week, and we’ve already hit the ground running; we have twenty workshops and events planned over the next six weeks, which will appear in our calendar as soon as their details are finalised. Among these are The Space and The Network (at Callaghan and City Campus respectively), three movie screenings, Wii Wars at HMRI, and – of course – lots of free food.

We’re also thrilled to welcome a new staff member! Ellie Clay is NUPSA’s new Student Representative Support Officer; you’ll see her around campus at our events and workshops, as well as in our office. She’s an awesome human, so don’t be afraid to come over and say hi!

Finally, we’ve added a new page to our website. On our Documents page (under Resources), you’ll find procedural documents such as our constitution, Executive meeting minutes and conference reports. NUPSA is a SSAF-funded student organisation, so our decision-making processes, advocacy work and rules/regulations should be accessible to you. If you’d like to learn more about the work we’re doing, check it out.

A new year, a fresh page. Let’s get to it!

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