The Newcastle University Postgraduate Students’ Association (NUPSA) aims to advance and defend the interests of all postgraduate students who study at the University of Newcastle, regardless of their location or mode of study.

Membership is free and automatic – from the moment you enrol in postgraduate study, you are a member of NUPSA. Our organisation is here for you, to work on your behalf.

We assist and support postgraduate students in a number of ways.



To assist you in your studies, NUPSA runs academic and skills-based workshops throughout the year across a broad range of subjects, such as:

  • 3MT training
  • Research ethics
  • Academic writing
  • Career options and employment advice
  • Stress management
  • Work/life balance
  • Mindfulness and meditation



Postgraduate student life is about more than assignments or research. In addition to our workshops, we run numerous social events and programs to help you connect with your peers, build social networks and take a much-needed break from your studies.

Whether it’s free barbecues and breakfasts, mindfulness and meditation sessions, sports on the lawn or an afternoon of video games, we’re here to help you relax and enjoy yourself as you work through your degree.

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If you’d like to make new friends and explore different social activities, student clubs are an excellent place to start. You can join an existing club (a directory of postgraduate clubs can be found here), or even start one!

If your club affiliates with NUPSA, we’ll provide funding for any events you run – food, equipment and venue costs can all be covered.

We’ll also help advertise your club and promote its events through our website, social media pages, notice board and newsletter, and assist you in accessing a range of venues across all University of Newcastle campuses.


NUPSA is run by an Executive of students, who sit on a host of committees, sub-committees and working groups throughout the university. Wherever decisions are made that affect your studies, your rights or your experiences on campus (and online), NUPSA’s representatives are your voice, fighting to ensure the best outcome for all postgrads.

NUPSA and its representatives are also your support network as a postgraduate student. If you have a grievance of some kind, are concerned about a request you’ve received, or simply have questions and are unsure of where to direct them, get in touch with us.

We’ll do everything we can to assist and advise you, or connect you with the right services.

Support and advice
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