Aaron Matthews is NUPSA President, and a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment.


It is sad to write, but this is the last NUPSA newsletter. I wish I could lighten it up so it does not sound like some Greek tragedy. I feel a responsibility to write something grand to mark the ending of NUPSA, but whenever I have tried to write something these last few weeks, I have not made any progress.

I do not want NUPSA to end like this. It deserves better. I wanted to end with NUPSA floating off to Mount Olympus to reside with the gods and be where it belongs. I wanted NUPSA to be recognised as a true hero, but given how this process has panned out, I cannot seem to muster the strength for optimism. It seems like dreams are for rookies.



In saying that, though – twenty-two years ago, a group of postgraduate students had a dream. Not quite to have the gods paint a picture of them in the night sky, but instead to have proper representation for postgraduate students and have their voices heard. Thus, NUSPA was born. Over the years, NUPSA grew stronger and stronger, always trying to be the hero for postgraduate students.



Through the dedication of many students and staff, NUPSA grew into a powerful voice for postgraduate students. I am biased of course, but I think the dream of those original postgraduate students who started NUPSA was realised. NUPSA started with nothing, and became a hero.



So where do we go now? The end of NUPSA is nigh, but the journey of UNSA is just beginning. It will be a long road for UNSA to reach the status of NUPSA but I am certain that, with the same dedication of postgraduate students and the passion of staff to deliver services and support for members, UNSA will find where it belongs.



This has to be our dream. If we give up, UNSA will fail. If we give up, UNSA will die. We cannot let this happen, as UNSA will be the only voice for postgraduate students. Dreams are not for rookies – giving up is for rookies. UNSA will be what we make it, so let’s make it legendary.


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